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Effective chief-follower relations are crucial to the survival and success of corporations and companies. With the hastily evolving advances in era and an more and more globalized world, leaders continuously face demanding situations of keeping a close relationship with their followers within the absence of the traditional face-to-face interactions (Luisser & Achua, 2010). Conflict among leaders and fans are commonplace in most groups, and various theories had been proposed to outline the handiest leader-follower courting. The nice of leader-follower relationship is described by using quantity of agree with between a pacesetter and a follower, the competence of the inferior perceived harmony in the courting and the degree of reciprocity. The cause of the case have a look at analysis is to discover actual-existence or situational conflicts in an company and to suggest how such conflicts must be control the usage of numerous management and relation theories. The paper subsequent section of the paper is prepared into three sections. The first segment identifies what the chief (Betty) did wrong prior to the assembly and what she and Don need to have performed to avoid lacking the deadline. The Second segment describes traits, moves and utterances at some stage in the assembly that made the assembly ineffective and what ought to have been finished to enhance the meeting. The third section describes what the follower (Don) have to have completed to be effective. The fourth and 5th sections conclude the case and provide guidelines to both parties on enhancing chief-follower relationship.
What did Betty do wrong prior to the assembly, and what might have been done to keep away from missing the closing date?
Betty delegated the responsibility of completing the staffing document to Don. Betty made key errors prior to the meeting. First, she delegated her responsibilities with out assessing the competence of the subordinate. Secondly, she failed to observe-up at the delegated process to test at the development. Effective delegation calls for that a leader cautiously to don’t forget different factors associated with the assignment, and time wished, and characteristics of the follower before delegating